Monday, December 14, 2009

Serial Adulterer Attacked In Street

In Milan yesterday an elderly Lothario was given a bloody nose, quite literally, whilst trying to expand his withering popularity.

Septuagenarian Silvio 'The Shagger' Berlusconi was explaining to a group of onlookers that "I am a good looking guy, a good guy" when an enraged member of the crowd stepped forward and punched him on the nose.

Italian Police said that the suspect was probably the husband of a woman that Berlusconi has had an affair with and as such they have made several dozen arrests.

When interviewed earlier about Silvio Berlusconi, Tiger Woods said "He is my role model, there is a man who had dedicated himself single mindedly to one thing, shagging hundreds of women, right into his mid seventies, sod beating Jack Nicklaus' record, I want to beat Berlusconi."


  1. This whole incident must have been scary for Berlusconi; at the same time, he should probably feel lucky - it could have been a lot worse

  2. Anonymous11:06 pm

    These creatures are Politicians, not real people. They are put up in front of the public to pervert our attention away from what is really going on… Sorry did I say that too much? Please not the shackles again, it’s true – dunk – it’s all true – dunk – bbbbrble true iii tell youuuu bllloble……