Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moving On

Sometimes people just drift apart, and I guess that is what has happened with me and Aegis Evolution, although I have lived, fought and died alongside these fine capsuleers, we seem to have become strangers to each other.

My autodoc tells me that this can happen after you've died a couple of times and woken up in a new clone, you can begin to feel detached from people, from life, from everything. After waking up the second time in a new body I went travelling, not working, but just living on board the Ashanti Lightning and jumping from system to system, region to region, I partied hard on every station I docked at, but when you've been drunk or drugged a hundred times you can't tell a Caldari whore from a Gallente hooker.

I even tried going down on a planet surface, planet's are weird, they smell weird, the gravity isn't right, when I'm in the Megathron I am a god, at one with the massive machine that surrounds and holds me, on a planet surface I became a naked immortal. I can't connect with surface dwellers, I'm a machine head, hard wired to talk to spaceship AI's, surface dwellers seem slow witted and dull by comparison.

So, I quit Aegis and roamed around, I started doing a little bit of work again, mining and producing ammo when this guy hails me on the system chat frequency, you get hailed all the time, I guess people just like to talk, but this time I opened the comms and talked back. We talked for a while, his ancestors are Swedish, mine are French, we swapped insults and tech talk and then he made me an offer, the sort of offer I've had a hundred times over this long and lonely year, join my crew. They sounded like my sort of guys, anti-pirate, industrialists, miners and traders but with a strong combat arm to their Alliance, so I said yes.

For the next week I flew constantly, moving all my fleet from my old home to the new base, bouncing between jump clones to fetch ships and equipment for far flung places, and now I'm settled down again with a new corp, so settled in fact that I've invested in this thing....

That's an Orca, a massive industrial support ship, it even dwarfs my battleship, but carries no guns obviously. It's about the biggest thing you're allowed to dock at an Empire station, you could probably fly a shuttle around in its vast cargo bays. It was quite a cost, including the skills I need to pilot the thing I have spent quite a chunk of my savings, so now it's time to put the beast to work with my new corp and earn some serious money again.

Signing off, China Flex, capsuleer.

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