Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Madness Of Football

Under Mark Hughes, Manchester City have only lost two matches all season, granted they have spent and incredible amount of money on players, and their run of form in the last 10 games has produced 7 draws, but who can understand why the manager was sacked after a victory against Sunderland ?

Surely you sack the manager after a defeat, or even yet another draw ? Surely you don't sack the bloke after he's managed to get the team to win a match ? This though is the state of modern English football and its billionaire playboy owners, they think that if you throw together a team bought from the owner's almost endlessly deep pockets then that team will instantly be good enough to sweep all before them.

I still like football, but year on year the game becomes harder to love, the constant diving, cheating and foul back chat from the most senior professionals angers me, the stupidity of owners and chairmen astounds me. Can you believe that the manager of non-league amateur Kettering was sacked after failing to beat league 1 leaders Leeds United ? What goes through the minds of these people ?

Anyway, bafflement at soccer stupidity aside, England are 100-3 and KP's batting like he thinks there's a game on.

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