Sunday, December 06, 2009

Gig Review : Hard Rock Hell III - Thursday (Pontins, Prestatyn)

Pretty good, singer Marty seemed a little nervous at having to open the event in front of a half full and mostly sober crowd, plus the sound mix wasn't so good and the vocals a bit low, but, RN have some really good songs, Never Wrong is a belter and the strongest of the songs they play tonight. A good showing, and it's never easy going on first.

RIOT:NOISE MySpace, you can stream their song 'Never Wrong' here. The band have an EP out called Fight The People, it's well worth buying.

New Device - S1
Singer Daniel Leigh just exudes confidence in a casual but charismatic manner that stops just this side of being brash, and the band as a whole are a tight and professional unit with some good songs. On record, ND sound lighter and more stadium anthemic than they do here in the pub but they put on a good show to a growing and appreciative crowd. It would be good to see ND up on Stage 2 next year to do proper justice to their well crafted songs.

You can listen to their debut album for free at the New Device scrobbler page.

Attica Rage - S2
The Scots metal foursome performed on the pub stage last year, and this year's promotion to S2 really suits them. Their solid and direct, riff heavy style of metal gains them warm applause and the first real head banging of the weekend. Treading a line somewhere in the region of Black Label Society / Motorhead / Pantera they chug and bludgeon their way through a strong selection from their debut album. Attica Rising with its chant along chorus and massive fast riffs bring outbreaks of air punching and horn throwing and they leave a happy and thrilled crowd when they depart.

You can get some free tracks and stream others at the Attica scrobbler page.

Marshall Law
I really like ML's choppy and clean Metallica-ish style and singer Andy Pyke looks to be having the time of his life, climbing speaker stacks and exhorting the crowd into singing along and having a good time. ML give great value for money tonight, powering their way through big power metal numbers like 'Razorhead' and 'Night Terror' and finishing on the titanic 'Leviathan.' If you like old school power/thrash metal with clean vocals, ML are going to be just your sort of thing.

You can stream loads of their songs on the Marshal Law scrobbler page

Ahem, I've been quite looking forward to seeing Beholder since buying an album of theirs from eMusic, only, this isn't the same band. I thought I was seeing an Italian power metal outfit with a female singer, but this is a brutal thunderous blast of noise and there is nothing remotely feminine about hulking singer Simon Hall. Research failure on my part there, but Beholder make a hellaciously good metal storm, I'll have to buy the correct album now.

You can stream some of their songs on the Beholder UK MySpace page.

I didn't stay for GMT, I did buy their album and it was dire, so just 5 bands on the opening night, but a decent taster for the two much longer days to come.

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