Monday, December 21, 2009

The 'Against Reading' Survey

I am reading a fascinating book called The Solitary Vice (Against Reading) by Mikitta Brottman which examines in some detail people's reading habits and looks at how literature changes both your experience of the real world and your own personality. There is a ten question survey early on in the book which I'm going to answer some or all of here on the blog, please do add your own answers in the comments.

1) What books are you currently reading ? (You have to answer without going to check titles/authors)

War And Peace - Leo Tolstoy
1001 Books You Must Read - Peter Boxall
The Solitary Vice - Mikitta Brottman (if the book wasn't next to me I would not have remembered the author)
Waste - ?
500 Ways To Change The World - ?
Help For Heroes - the foreword is by that Eastenders actor
A Cycle Trip Down America ?

One book (TSV) I could only remember the author because the book is lying next to me, for three other books I cannot recall the author's name, and for the cycling book I cannot remember either the proper title or the author's name.


  1. I've just started "The magicians" by Lev Grossman, which is quite fun so far. Just finished a few pulpy Dan Brown-esque thrillers, and have got some C J Sansom lined up for the new year!

  2. Squirt7:06 pm

    Auto bio's: Dawn French & Paul O'Grady

  3. Paddy8:52 am

    Far from the madding crowd - Thomas Hardy


  4. I haven't read that, is it good ?