Monday, December 21, 2009

After The Cricket, A Strong Drink

To settle my frayed nerves, oh deary me, to be an England cricket fan is to be regularly reduced to a state of fretful, anxious, overwrought, edge of the seat distress. Heading into the final fifteen overs yesterday England looked to be heading calmly and purposefully for a draw, 3 wickets down on a flat looking pitch, nothing to worry about.

But then ! Trott falls to a wonderful catch and England suddenly lose their heads and nearly all their remaining wickets leaving England fans watching in horror and disbelief. 5 wickets fell and those batsmen made 5 runs between them, only Paul Collingwood had the necessary grit and determination to stop South Africa going 1-0 up in the series.

The 2nd test in Durban starts on Boxing Day, by then the horrors of the last hour at Centurion will have dimmed somewhat, come on England, it is supposed to be the festive season, don't be turning me into a gibbering wreck hiding behind the settee.

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  1. It was great fun wasn't it - I was sat there aghast as wickets started to fall. As Beefy said .. test cricket dead? Don't make me laugh. You can never recreate tension like that in a 20/20 or ODI, not a chance.

    Mind you I also saw the ODI last week when India scored over 400 and nearly lost!