Monday, November 16, 2009

Ride The San Francisco MUNI

The MUNI is for you if......

*You are allergic to soap

*You like to hold long, loud, rambling, theological discussions with yourself

*You enjoy shouting "Fuck it, give me a dollar" at regular intervals

*You have an alcohol / cocaine / heroine / methadone / crystal meth / all of the above, addiction

*You have a brown paper bag filled with something disturbing that is leaking red / white / green / luminous / radioactive / all of the above, liquid

Come on down folks, ride the MUNI, it's the people's bus service.

(And for the remainder of the day, I will be travelling by taxi)


  1. The Lurker4:35 pm

    Sound like the Night Rider from Leeds to Otley mate! Hope you're both having a brilliant time!

  2. Squirt9:29 pm

    You're so posh!