Monday, November 16, 2009

Oakland Raiders 10 - Kansas Chiefs 16

You don't have to possess an in depth knowledge of a sport sometimes in order to be able to see where a team is going wrong, and in the case of the Oakland Raiders yesterday, it's because they simply cannot catch a football. I lost count of how many throws reached the intended player, but were then fumbled and spilled, the Raiders need simple catching practice.

What was the match like as a spectacle ? Well, the stadium was less than half full, and we spotted about half a dozen Chiefs fans, but the home crowd made a decent enough noise when the match started, then it just tailed off. Much like watching the ice hockey in Toronto last year, I enjoyed the game, but the fans (for all their fancy dress and proud displays of team colours) are a quiet and insipid bunch. There is no singing, no chanting, just little bits of cheering when the Raiders were doing well, which wasn't often, and a bit of jeering when the Raiders were doing badly, which was quite common.

Perhaps part of the reason for this is the length of the game, American footy is played for an hour, split into four quarters, but the actual length of the match was a touch under four hours, there are numerous times in each segment when the teams just stand around doing nothing, waiting for the tv advertising slot to end perhaps ? But this disjointed style of playing does not help to build and maintain an exciting atmosphere, honestly, test cricket takes place at a faster pace than American footy.

On the positive side though, there are the Raiderettes, lots of lovely young ladies in spray on costumes, I would have taken more close up pictures, but security confiscated my telephoto lens.


  1. This would never happen if Al Davis were still alive.

  2. Security being Mrs. YS?!