Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nano Update

I'm still writing, my word count as of today is 30,273 , so although I have slowed down since the good start I made at the begining of the challenge, I am still on track to 'win' Nano 2009 by the end of the month.

I did get a bit bogged down in where the zombie novel was going, but I introduced a new element to the book and it has spurred me on again.

'The shots produced an instant response in the denizens of the town. At the sound of the shots each of the numerous shamblers had turned to the sound and had started walking towards us, as I watched they walked directly into cars and fell over, others came up against walls and were halted for a moment. A horrible inexorable tide had begun though, those that had fallen righted themselves and came on again, those thwarted by walls slowly climbed them, often falling over the other side, but then they got up again and walked on. An army of disease and death flowed towards us.

“We need to go soon mate, we can’t do anything here,” Carl was back and was gazing at the scene below us with his binoculars.

“Agreed.” We had made a plan for this, in turn, so that we kept half the guns loaded all the time, we fired a fusillade of shotgun blasts into the air, this seemed to concentrate the zombies efforts and more were appearing from doorways and street ends. I dropped three old tires we had brought over the nearest wall, doused them with a bottle’s worth of petrol and set them alight, then we left.

On the drive back we left painted notices hung on walls and at road junctions, Helen and Eileen had made them.




At the Farmer’s Arms we had left the door locked with the keys in the lock so people could let themselves in, we had left plenty of water and a little food, some booze, a lantern and fuel for the fire. The windows had been boarded over. We had not left any details of where we were living though, nor any weapons, anybody that could make it this far was most likely already armed."

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