Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Long Day's Travelling

I don't think I have ever been so tired setting off on holiday, we locked up at work after a dinner for 55 at about midnight, and shortly after 1am we were on our way to Leeds courtesy of Mum & Dad In Laws Taxi service. Leeds station in the small hours of a Saturday morning is mostly filled with drunken revellers of the type whose eye you don't want to catch for fear of unexpected violence.

Nevertheless we arrived at Manchester airport safely, most of the pissheads having got on the same carraige we went to the other end of the train. We grabbed an early breakfast at 5am, got the connecting flight to Heathrow. We were both exhausted by now, in the Heathrow lounge we had coffee and Meg snoozed a little, I did a little writing and then finished reading Sense And Sensibility.

The flight to San Francisco was fine, plenty of space and comfort in our business class pods, thanks to Mrs YS winning at the casino. Meg got quite a bit of sleep, I could hardly stay awake when I was watching a film, but then when I extended the chair into its bed form I just couldn't get to sleep.

The time difference is minus 8 hours, so we had a strange sort of Groundhog Day Saturday, got the rental car (when I say car, I said Meg could have a large vehicle if she wanted, she's rented a thing so large you could fit my own car in the boot) and drove up the Napa Valley, crossing Golden Gate Bridge on the way. I have taken photos, but I seem to have forgotten my camera lead, so photo blog posts will have to wait. *Bought one*

We were really tired last night, so we didn't go to any of St. Helena's posh restaurants, but just settled for a perfectly nice Mexican meal at Armadillo's, and then in bed at 7pm.

It's 6am now, I'm up early because my body clock is out of synch, we have nothing planned today and all day to do it in, lovely.

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