Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book Review : Sense And Sensibility - Jane Austen*

I know this is going to bring about a groan of horror from some of my literary friends, but I hated S&S. Reading Austen should be reserved as a punishment for naughty schoolchildren.

I think it is Austen's use of language that drove me up the wall, this is quite a slow moving book, the plot, such as it is, doesn't rattle along and the novel is built upon the language, but oh what turgid prose it is. If Melville's Moby Dick was guilty of constant and long winded digressions, then Austen should be tried for using the largest quantity of words to say very little indeed. There were whole paragraphs (and Austen doesn't shy away from long paragraphs, whole pages sometimes) that I got bogged down in and could exact very little actual meaning from.

This is a dreadful thing to say after reading a book, but I think I'll have to watch the film to see if it makes any more sense.

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  1. with you on this one - Austen is dreadful.

    I've even danced on her grave, to express my displeasure at being forced to read her as part of my studies...