Saturday, November 28, 2009

Album Review : New Frustration - Guns On The Roof****

For Fans Of : Rancid, The Wildhearts, Green Day, Bad Religion, Stiff Little Fingers

I'm quite sure that if GOTR came from Los Angeles instead of Leeds they would already be playing to packed theatres instead of busy pubs, and that's as much the fault of the British music fan, we're so open to anything American and so closed off to our own great bands. I first saw GOTR performing with another awesome Yorkshire band, G.U. Medicine, at a back room pub gig in Huddersfield, and they were both tight, furiously energetic bands, GUM in a metal sense, GOTR as a melodic punk outfit.

New Frustration is probably the best bit of new British punk I have heard in ages, this is the sound of a tight outfit who write catchy hard pop punk numbers and perform them with precision and drive, really, if you're thinking that Bad Religion are getting too long in the tooth, that Green Day have sold out, or it's just too long to wait for another Rancid album, then please do buy a copy of New Frustration, you won't be disappointed.

For your money you get 15 tracks of highly enjoyable bouncy punk with fast controlled riffs, passionate vocals and the odd big chorus here and there. There is a general good quality to the album that it makes it hard to pick stand out tracks, it is pretty much all killer, no filler, but still, 'Last Night' and 'So Tired' raise the standard a little further.

This is highly infectious stuff, a couple of spins and you'll be wishing for a loud, sweaty mosh pit to get involved in, GOTR pump out the sort of songs perfect for live performance, loud, immediate, raucous and anthemic in a punk fashion.

New Frustration is a powerful and accomplished album from an exciting and talented British band, you will hear echoes of Rancid and Stiff Little Fingers along the way, but presented as affectionate familiarity rather than plagiarism, it might not be climbing new heights of originality, but in terms of presentation and entertainment value it is very good indeed.

You can get some free samples of GOTR's excellent melodic punk from their Scrobbler page.

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