Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wolf Goes Vegan, And Raw

Alex, who is undertaking a number of interesting / strange / off the wall projects as part of an ongoing life experience / 1001 day long performance art project, is at the moment having a raw vegan month. No no, calm down you nutters, that doesn't mean she's going to roam the streets with a carving knife looking for pasty faced sandal wearers to devour, rather she is going to eat nothing but raw food, and vegan food at that, for a whole month.

Alex is providing daily coverage of her experiment over at Raw Food Wolf and you can catch up with her numerous other projects on 101 Of A Wolf

I'm very interested in this without having the slightest inclination to follow it myself. I'm also, despite being a devout meat eater, hoping that Alex finishes the month in good health and having completed the project. I do have a slight worry that she may not find enough protein in a raw vegan diet, and also that the amount of calories she requires might be hard to get, but there wasn't a girl yet who wouldn't mind dropping a dress size or two.

Good luck Alex, and it's got me thinking, how about the opposite, 31 different animals eaten in 31 days ?

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