Monday, October 05, 2009


Audioscrobbler vs. Spotify again, not quite, now you can enable your Spotify account to scrobble your listened tracks across to, which makes better sense of Spotify for me. Spotify still seems heavily mainstream though, last night searches for Mittani, The Buttless Chaps, The Nu Messiahs, Million Dollar Reload and a few others came up without a single track listed. Why am I searching for these bands ? It is because I am playing a game on Scrobbler...

The Obscure Music Game, now before I began playing this, I thought I had a broad and strange taste in music. The object of the game is not to get caught scrobbling music that other people in the group recognise......

"You will be kicked if:
1. I recognise the artist of your last listened or currently listening artist.
2. Your last listened or currently listening artist that, is in a language that is not based in the roman alphabet.
3. Your last listened or currently listening track that is not a song (no talkshows, podcasts, etc). (This rule being debated)
4. You have not listened to music in 3 days.
5. You are listening to the same band as another member at the time of a round."

So far with 19 rounds of 30 played, I am on 5 points, and I have been kicked from the group repeatedly for listening to Radio 4, Adam and the Ants, Ian Dury and the Blockheads and rather disappointingly, Nanowar yesterday morning. Half an hour before I had never heard of Nanowar, but the group leader had. Nanowar are a pretty good metal satire band, check them out....

Nanowar scrobbler page

I've loaded my iPod with (hopefully) suitably obscure blues and jazz this week in the hope of surviving a round or two, but I bet the bloke who confesses to having an encyclopedic knowledge of Croat punk and Hungarian throat singers wins the game.

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