Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tesco - A Minor Victory

Hurrah, a new era of common sense has dawned at Tesco and they have decided that as they are a shop, they would like to sell things to their customers after all.

I complained last month that Tesco would not allow anyone to purchase more than 8 of any item, well they have overturned that decision. I gather that they have not reversed their decision because of customer complaints, but because of staff complaints, apparently the check out staff were fed up of fielding constant grumbling from customers (and grumbling customers hold up the check outs leading to LOSS OF POTENTIAL PROFITS) and so persuaded the management to change their minds.

Either way, it's a good idea.

Some people asked why I don't support some local business, and why I shop at Tesco, well, it's a question of price and quantity. We do buy from other places, our meat comes from Doric Game and David Lishman's, our fruit and veg from Strawberry Fields, fish from Ramus, dried goods from Haworth Wholesale and Makro. I do use Tesco though for bread, some fruit and veg, and all the small items that we might need for one of the numerous 'one off' menus that we do for guests at the golf club.

Price is obviously very important, if we spent 20p more on a loaf of bread, that would equate to spending a couple of hundred of pounds extra in the year, on one single item, if you multiplied that across a couple of dozen of grocery items we could be spending thousands more on products, and with no possibility of making the money back.

If someone wants, for example, fillet steak, well then I'll buy from Lishman's and charge accordingly, but bread to make toast from and similar high volume items, we need to buy at a reasonable price.


  1. I look forward to seeing you handling many more melons in the checkout queue in future..