Monday, October 26, 2009


No, not the sound of hippies ruminating, but the sound of feet pounding the hills and valleys of Wales, the OMM, or Original Mountain Marathon, is the sort of competition that only the seriously nuts would take part in. Two marathons, run orienteering style from point to point up and down the mountains around the Elan Valley, over two days, who would do that ?

Mr. Moosehead did this weekend, and with his running partner they managed to place themselves in 23rd overall position in the Elite Class of the event. Well done Adrian, I think it is a quite fantastic achievement just to complete the OMM, nevermind being placed so well.

Today I shall be climbing Ingleborough, at a much more sedate pace, with Jo and Ellie and Squirt, to the hills !


  1. Or in the case of Mr. Moosehead 'Run to the hills'. Has he been listening to too much Iron Maiden perhaps?

  2. He's mad you know, lovely bloke, but quite mad.

  3. YS, I think we all fit that profile to some extent!

  4. Oi. I resemble that remark.