Monday, October 05, 2009

Oh Why Oh Why ?

Are we in South Africa playing yet more cricket after a long and gruelling summer which saw England defeat the Windies, regain The Ashes and then fall apart in the ODI series ?

An ICC spokesman interviewed on R5 said that they are determined to host a major ICC event every year "in order to provide continuity of sponsorship" for the ICC, well that's a great reason to fly half way around the world for yet another tournament, just to make sure that some major beer, insurance and soft drinks companies can get their logos on the television a bit more often.

England showed their usual bizarre form, beating Sri Lanka, dumping the host nation out of the tournament in a strong display of cricket, and then losing hopelessly to Australia in the semi-final.

You can see from the 'crowds' in the stadiums that the South African public have really taken to this tournament, at some matches literally hundreds of them have turned out to watch. The television isn't so good either, I'm sorry Sky TV, but is that shaky, blurry picture supposed to the the High Definition marvel that you are charging me for ? Can't you get HD to work in South Africa ?

The final of the sponsorship enabling series will see Australia playing New Zealand, after which players from many countries will probably be saying "Thank the Lord it's over, now we can see our wives and families for a few days before the winter tour begins."

You can't deny that having football played on every night of the week has made footy a little bit less special, although probably much more attractive for the sponsors, but having "Cricket 365" seems a bad idea to me on many levels, players cannot be expected to play and tour almost constantly, and let's face it, the expectation level ahead of the Champions Trophy as compared to The Ashes or a proper tour to South Africa or India was almost nil.

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  1. Paddy9:19 am

    and you imagine for a moment that the ICC are rolling in a large pile of cash to pay for the loss making domestic cricket. It's money nothing more, nothing less but they won't come out and say that in interview it sounds even worse.