Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mafia Wars

First, an apology to all my friends who do not play Mafia Wars on Facebook and so have been subjected to a spam storm on their friend updates as I expanded my mafia. All feeds can be turned off, so if you still want to hear from a friend who is gaming on Facebook, but you are heartily sick of his/her Mafia Wars / Yoville / Age Of Castles updates, just hover your cursor to the right of an update and an option box should appear with a "Hide Mafia Wars" option on it.

Like many millions of Facebook users, I have become addicted to Zynga's click game Mafia Wars. The game is very easy to play, you just click on action buttons to perform tasks which earn you points and raise you in game levels. You can invite all your friends to play, and then when your mafia has reached a total of 35 members and you keep on getting iced by Don Big Bully and his super mafia of 501 players, you decide to grow your own mafia a bit so you can hold your own, or preferably, do a bit of arse kicking yourself.

There are numerous pimping groups on Facebook which you can join and then post your details on their noticeboards to ask people to become your friends. The downside of this for many people is that by accepting people as friends just to play a game, you are giving up what little security Facebook offers for the private details you have filled your profile with. Having run a blog for seven years on which I regularly post details about myself I was slightly less concerned about this.

I found the pimping groups to be a little slow for gaining members no matter what they promise, a far better tactic was to post the message "If you can read this, friend request me and I'll join your mafia" in the comments section after my real friends Mafia Wars posts, this started an avalanche effect. The first few posts brought a handful of friend requests, reposting the same message to my new friends MW posts brought a flood of requests, with perhaps 20 invites posted, I logged on the following morning to find 128 friend requests waiting for me. A couple of hours of spamming comment boxes took my mafia from 78 members on Friday afternoon to 520 members on Monday morning.

The advantages of a large mafia in the game are numerous, you will always get lots of help when you ask your mafia to attack someone, there are lots of opportunities for you to assist on someone else's jobs when you have run out of energy so you can keep on earning money and experience.

The downside, especially if you work in an office and can access Facebook at work is that you can get glued to the game. In any big mafia a posted job opportunity will be snapped up by the maximum ten players in moments, inter-mafia wars turn into brief one sided slaughter when you're backed by 500 other players, and you're always sneaking a peek at the FB front page in order to get in on the "Break up a campaign rally, violently" job before all your friends jump in.

Anyway, this is Don Spike signing off for now, some fool with a mafia of 25 has attacked me, and my 500 friends and me are going to ice him, ciao.

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