Tuesday, October 06, 2009

How Is Australia ?

Mother and Father in law flew to Australia on Sunday, I hope you are both having a good time, and I would just like to make a few comments about events at your house last night...

1) The party was not my idea, it was Rob's.

2) Indoor golf was not my idea, it was Chris.

3) I don't know who brought the goat.

4) The chandelier, was it like, really expensive, or just normally expensive ?

5) Your kitchen knives are rubbish, you need some better quality knives for really big work, slaughtering goats for example.

6) The Police said that Andy will probably get off with a suspended sentence as it was his first offence, they also said it was the most original use of a black pudding they had ever seen.

Anyway, hope you are having a lovely holiday, don't worry about us, and if you could just remind me what colour your car was painted as I'm not certain that it began the night as tartan then that would be great.


  1. YS, Your'e barred!

  2. The Lurker4:16 pm

    Oi, cheeky! It was a Yorkshire pudding, not a black one!!!

  3. Coincidence? Just before I read this post I saw your mum drive her hire-car through a red light.