Monday, September 28, 2009


Another busy weekend over, prepped like mad all day on Saturday so I could get away from work early to see The Wildhearts/Black Spiders, then Sunday we had a lunch booking for 70, plus about 50 casual golfers all wanting feeding.

I ran some Facebook advertising to recruit new staff two weeks ago, we selected 7 people for interview and our new unlucky victim staff member is young Fred here.....

Yes, well, I'm sure he'll fit right in with the rest of the gang. Thanks to the Sunday crew for getting us through a very busy day, Super/Fail Rob, Nutty J, 'Lovely' Saskia and Noob Fred.

In other news, Mrs YS has a touch of plague, if you give her a call she can wheeze down the phone in a menacing Darth Vader like manner.

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