Saturday, September 19, 2009

Charities have been having a hard time as the recession continues in the UK, but if you find that could spare a few quid, then please consider a charity like Farm Africa.

"Over the last 20 years there has been a chronic lack of investment in agriculture. Yet over 80% of people living in remote or rural areas of Africa rely on the food they grow and the animals they keep to survive. Faced with harsh conditions and poor access to vital resources, subsistence agriculture can be a constant struggle.

FARM-Africa provides the training and support that poor rural communities need to identify and implement appropriate solutions to many of the key problems they face. Families are directly supported to help work themselves out of poverty through improved ways to manage their crops, livestock, forests and access to water.

"FARM-Africa can play an important role by being able to work at the local level, but with an eye on impacts at national or regional level. We need more of this kind of innovation and learning - finding out what works well and where. FARM-Africa is more strategic in their thinking that most small development organisations, in terms of how to get the maximum impact from a limited budget" Derek Byerlee, co-director of the World Development Report 2008." - From the Farm Africa site.

Farm Africa Website

Meg and myself donate a day's takings from the business each year, plus small but regular donations throughout the year, if someone started giving just the price of a pint of lager each month to Farm Africa then that person would be helping to change and save lives, it does not have to cost a lot.

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