Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Working Man

A couple of the regulars have pointed out that I have not been writing many articles on work and cooking this year (not to mention the quiz), yes, guilty as charged. I havn't found work to be as amusing to write about at the moment. Earlier in the year I had to fire three staff as a result of accidentally contravening employment rules and three of the other part time staff had to be put on massively cut down hours.

I threw myself into work, it was my fault so I didn't want to lose any more staff, so we took on one one more waitress and everyone else worked really hard to ensure that the the other three could have their part time jobs back when they reached the legal age limit. Since April I've managed two full days off, about 4 shifts away from work, I managed a 71 hour week last week, and that was the lowest hour working week I've done since the last week in April.

Two weeks ago I thought we had turned the corner, we had enough staff and I was starting to plan some days off, then one of the girls whom I had spent months training up to be able to cook and therefore cover some nights off for me, decided she didn't want to cook anymore and just wanted to go back to being a waitress. So on the cooking front, I'm back to having just enough staff to do the work, but no slack to get much time off.

There have been no 'Walking Yorkshire' posts for months either, obviously due to the fact that I have not had any time to go walking, but also that my back has been a real trouble to me this year (but my wonderful physio Candice keeps putting me back together), plus I had a nasty accident at work two months ago and injured my left knee, this is mostly mended but does give me some pain after very long shifts.

Anyway, all that heap of moaning aside, this week at work is rather quiet so chef Phil won't be seeing much of me, I'll be strapping on my boots, hoping the back/knee/shoulders/elbows etc hold up, and heading out on to the moors and hills. You can expect the usual pics of sheep - dry stone walls - trees - rain etc., and by Friday I should have cheered up a bit.

At the end of the month we are hopefully getting away for a few days, Mrs YS has some relatives just outside Rome, so we are going to grab a few days of Italian sunshine and German/Italian hospitality, woo and yay !

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  1. Squirt11:02 am

    You neeeeeeed a holiday!
    You sound knackered!!!
    Lots of love xx