Friday, August 07, 2009

We Said No To The Big New Tesco

I would like to express my objection to this application. I believe that the massive buying power and the ability to sell products at prices that no independent trader can hope to compete with will result in the loss of more of Ilkley's small traders and the skills and jobs that go with them.

Tesco have a well documented history of anti-competition strategy and we should do all we can to ensure that other business in Ilkley can be allowed to trade in a fair manner. By Tesco's own figures thy are seeking to take £5.7m from other business in Ilkley, this will result in the closure of many other shops and will leave Ilkley with less choice and amenities.

"Dear Sir/Madam

Application Decision

Construction of replacement Tesco Class A1 food store with car parking, landscaping and associated works at Land At Railway Road And Mayfield Road Ilkley West Yorkshire LS29 8JB

Thank you for your letter regarding the above application. I am writing to advise you that Planning Permission was refused on 06.08.2009.

The decision notice can be viewed on the Council's website at Alternatively should you wish to receive details of the reason(s) for refusal please forward the attached slip to the above address.

Yours faithfully
Fiona Tiplady

It is only a temporary victory, despite being knocked back twice now, Tesco hyper-global big-brother inc. are already said to be considering an appeal.

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