Thursday, August 06, 2009

Walking Yorkshire - Trollers Gill & Grimwith

I'm only just fit to be out on my own you know, I had planned to walk along the Wharfe from Barden Tower today, but as I drove along in the sunshine, happily sining along to the new Rancid album, it occured to me that I had missed the turning for Barden Bridge some miles back and I was now most of the way to Burnsall.

That's fine, I'm a free spirit, so plan b would be to park up at Burnsall and walk from there, but the sight of hundreds of folk strolling along the river's edge put me right off so I drove on and up to the lonely (-ish) moors at Appletreewick Pasture and parked on the roadside there.

Cows, with calves, inquisitive and a bit dozy, these ones were safely on the other side of a wall, but at the end of my day's hiking I had to shoo away a small herd of cattle which ambled across the field I was walking through. You don't really want umpteen tons of mobile beef getting all that close to you.

The entrance to the old lead mines at Gill Heads, the tunnel beyond was accessible but didn't look any too safe.

The entrance to Trollers Gill. MY knee has been a bit dodgy after my accident earlier this year, so where would I choose to go walking ? This rubble strewn dried stream bed with more unusual angles than an Escher painting, the knee held up though and even survived a couple of small slips and twists.

This barn stands above Grimwith Reservoir to the East. The sun was beating down now, I had liberally applied sun cream but being rather out of shape I managed to sweat it all back off almost instantly, thus I'm now lobstered down one side, my right leg is a similar colour to that of a boiled crab.

Reflections in the pool where Grimwith Beck meets the reservoir. That was a nice day's walking, I love living up here, it'd be bloody awful to live in a big city.

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  1. Thanks for the memories YS. I used to camp at Appltreewick quite regularly in my younger days. Trollers Gill, up onto the Skipton road, down the green lane to Burnsall and back. Followed by an evening in The New Inn. Happy days.