Friday, August 07, 2009

Twitter - 21st Century Telephone Box For Prostitutes

I get one or two of these in my Twitter inbox every week.....

"GabrilleReyes is now following you on Twitter"

Well she clearly is not, because I hardly ever use Twitter, I cannot really see the point of it, it performs the same function as the Facebook headline without doing anything else, pretty useless really.

Gabrielle's Twitter profile reads as follows "Hey guys, thanks for viewing my profile. I'm looking for no-strings-attached-sex." Although it doesn't show a scale of charges, I'm pretty sure that Gabrielle is actually a working girl, her photograph is a torso shot in which she wears an orange feather boa and nothing else. I mean, it would do my ego no end of good if I thought that almost naked feather boa wearing young ladies were actually searching the interweb looking for portly, bearded, middle aged blokes to have "no strings attached" sex with, but they are not, not for free anyway.

Myspace seemed to have devolved into this sort of sex/porn advertising (does anyone still use MySpace ?) but Facebook still seems relatively free of it, although I'm quite certain that an "Are You A Fan Of No Strings Attached Sex ?" group exists, and that if I trawled through my endless list of invites someone has actually asked me to join.

So sorry Gabrielle, you're on the blocked list, and I might even delete my Twitter account.

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  1. "I might even delete my Twitter account"

    It's your duty to get on Twitter and repeatedly ask Jimmy Anderson why his stock delivery at Headingley is a long hop down leg, is it because he's too thick to do owt else.