Thursday, August 20, 2009

She Won, Or Did He ?

The bizarre case of South African 800m runner Caster Semenya has gripped the world's press and bloggers in the run up to her outstanding victory in last night's 800 metres. Rumours had been circulating that Semenya might not be a woman, she certainly has a very mascualine facial and body appearence, and before the race the IAAF managed to drop themselves into trouble, and muddied the waters, by suggesting that a lengthy process of gender testing was already underway. The South African athletics authorities have said that the IAAF have made no such approach to them.

This would not be the first time that a 'female' athlete has been found to be male, a Polish athlete failed a sex test in 1964, another Polish athlete from the 1930's was unveiled as being male when he/she died during a robbery 50 years later, and a number of 'female' Soviet athletes retired from competition when sex testing became compulsory.

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