Saturday, August 08, 2009

Nearly A Book Review : To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee*****

Another book to cross off on my classics list, and I absolutely loved To Kill A Mockingbird. Everything about the novel is rich and sumpteous, the main characters are wonderfully drawn, and the town and its inhabitants as seen through the eyes of Scout Finch are lifelike and believable.

Atticus Finch is a towering hero, calm, intelligent, kind, compassionate, loving in his own way, strong willed but mostly softly spoken, he really is one of the very best literary creatiions.

It is a great story, brilliantly told through the eyes of the child Scout, and it takes on some big themes, the loss of innocence, racism, moral and unwritten laws, courage in the face of adversity. The novel manages to maintain an air of impending menace whilst at the same time allowing the reader into the private imaginary world of children.

It really is a shame that like fellow novelist J D Salinger, Lee did not write another novel after TKAM was published in 1960, but I suppose if you're are only going to write one thing, then writing something as fantastic as this would be your best legacy.

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  1. Squirt10:51 am

    My favourite book of all time, inspired by our English Lit teacher Mr Kilvington, who had us examine it sentence by sentence.
    Also well directed film, starring gregory peck, good suspense