Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot Rock Athletics Chicks

Sheffield girl Jessica Ennis got the gold medal in the heptathlon in Berlin this week, woo and yay !


  1. Anonymous12:46 am

    she'd get it

  2. Anonymous4:11 pm

    fucking niger bitch
    go home and leave our british neighbour alone

  3. Anonymous11:32 am

    @ Anonymous - u know if the Brits (and the rest of colonial Europe) had stayed home, or at least had some manners about being in other lands, it wouldn't be so difficult for some of them to accept the resultant diversity that is a character of every colonial nation and it's presence in the "motherland". The thing is Anonymous, this isn't going to go away - diversity is a fact of life and a fact of the future.

  4. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Wouldn't you like to take her roughly from behind - best arse in sport?

  5. Anonymous4:50 pm

    She's a caucasian from Sheffield.
    You'll probably have to look up caucasian in the dictionary - while you're doing that check out the words racist and bigot.

    1. Anonymous7:59 am

      Nice reply!!!

  6. Anonymous8:09 pm

    He can't even spell the word, what a total & utter numpty!

  7. Anonymous8:15 am

    You should look up the definiton of "caucasian" in the dictionary. She is clearly half-caste, though I'll bet she is more than happy for everyone to think that she's white or latino. Go to Spec Savers and have your eyes tested.

  8. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Niger - A west African Country and named after the Niger River. Bless the Mentally Challenged Individual who feels that spouting racist incorrectly spelt shite will somehow improve this country. You should be proud of people who succeed as Brits. Perhaps we would be better served if dicks like you decided to either vanish under a collective rock or allow a like minded knob-end to commit some form of euthanasia on you.

  9. Anonymous9:59 am

    Who is the idiot that said she is caucasian? Being born in Sheffield means nothing.

    Either she is wearing a wig or she has straightened her hair but none of this changes her basic features.

    She is more African than Aryan.

  10. Her dad is black, her mum is white, she lives in sheffield, she's fit as a butcher's dog and she's a world champion athlete. Not necessarilly in order of importance.

  11. german carrera castro3:37 am

    tu eres la mujer mas hermosa del mundo me inspiras amor ternura fascinacion alegria inmaginacion quisiera poder dialogar contigo mi correo es un abrazo grandisisimo.

  12. Athletics Fan11:26 pm

    Anonymous 8:15. Read John Agard's 'Half-Caste'. The preferred term is mixed race, Agard will explain why half-caste is a derogatory term far better than I can here.

    Also I expect Jessica is very proud of her racial heritage and not happy to be seen as latino or 'white'.

    You are more dangerous than the overt racist who sparked this discussion.

    Also anonymous 9:59, Caucasian can be used to describe people from north Africa (check wikipedia) only America uses the term to describe Europeans.

    I think it is shameful that we are discussing a great athlete's racial background and not her phenomenal achievements.

    I, for one, am incredibly proud of Jessica, proud to call her a fellow Brit and proud that she has a different heritage to my own.

  13. Anonymous8:33 am

    i think you should all get a life

  14. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Gimps.... the lot of ya!

  15. It's waaay past time that this site allowed only moderated comments. I'm a Scot, with a Derbyshire mother and wife, now living in Hawaii. And I can't believe anyone creates a platform for the kind of idiotic racial hatred I see in some of these comments.

  16. Anonymous2:51 pm

    she is amazing and you can;t deny it. colour,size, race, country doesn't mater. but if you support great britian you support her in that.

  17. She is a proud brit and i for one are proud to have her representing this great nation and succeeding in her sport. Why is it when Britain get a successful sportsperson certain people find ways of criticising them for whatever reason. Why should it matter what coulour, creed or religion she may have. She is British and talented..i for one salute her!!!!

  18. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Jessica is indeed from Sheffield she is not a (Caucasian) she is Rix Race English Mother Alison Powell and original Jamaican father AKA Vinnie Ennis. in other words she is British Jamaican Zeeennnnnnn!
    As for the racial disfunctional ectoparasites your just jealous because haven't got a home to go to! I pity you!!!!walk good

    Jessica big up every time we Jamaicans love you (Out of Many One People) your who you are and not what anyone want you to be your truly Bless every-time ! special dedication from Bob Marley to you! >>>>let them all pass all their dirty remarks! there is one question I really love to asked is there a place for the hopeless sinners who have hurt all mankind just to save is own???. (singing)ONE LOVE ONE HEART lets get together and fell all right!(repeat) ONE LOVE!

    BiG UP YOUR SELF and telll them haters bout them BOMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOCLATTTTTTTTTT! ahahahah!

  19. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Mix Race

  20. Anonymous4:45 pm

    make sure you can spell before you post you piss arse ahahahh! words as simple as feel you can't spell and Mix Race not Rix Race. considering your quit intelligent person you just made a mistake or two that's all

  21. She is accomplished in her field and completely gorgeous. Even if she was from Mars what's not to admire? Thanks for initial post, sorry it got hijacked by the occasional idiot.

  22. Anonymous12:58 pm

    What a waste of a life all these racist people are. Get your ass down to my area and say that shit and you won't come back out alive. Look at your life and see what you can do. Your probably a fat tosser that sponges off the state thinking that we owe you. I am glad tories have taken over cos it will put arse holes like you into poverty and make you work!

  23. Anonymous11:04 am

    Stuff all the talk I just want to give her one.