Thursday, August 20, 2009

Album Review : Metalwar - Hysterica****

For Fans Of : Judas Priest, Girlschool, Doro, Iron Maiden, classic metal

Sometimes what I want from music is challenging and well constructed rhythms and melodies wrapped around insightful social commentaries or rebellious anthems, at other times though five Nordic girls in tight rubber and leather outfits belting out some classic heavy metal riffs are just what Dr. Rock ordered.

Hysterica then are 5 ladies from Stockholm with a penchant for proper heavy metal, big riffs, clear vocals, lyrics about war and graveyards and blood and being hard, you know, proper metal stuff. The band members are Anni De Vil (ha ha, you see what she did with her name there ?) on vocals, Hell'n on drums, Sat Anica (oh the punnage) on bass, Bitchie and Rockzilla on guitars, you see just how metal these Swedes are ? They even give their baby girls real metal names.

Gentle mocking aside, Hysterica's music is bloody great, they are firmly and absolutely classic metal, big crunchy guitars and heavy riffs, fast tight drumming, real guitar solos (but not too many) and crystal vocals with big choruses designed for easy drunken sing-a-long-ability.

Hysterica's lyrics are also firmly rooted in the old school of metal lyrics, from opener We Are The Undertakers, through Girls Made Of Heavy Metal and Halloween the band don't break any new ground. Hang on, I've got my Man-O-War-Ometer handy, let's run Hysterica through it and see where on the metal scale they are........Yes ! It's a 9.5 from 10, Hysterica could only be more metal if they punched James Hetfield or invaded Scotland in a longboat.

It might sound as if I'm being patronising about the band and mocking their musical ability, but don't be fooled, this is a cracking debut album from a fine outfit who have put together a great collection of songs, nearly every track has me bobbling my head and throwing horns. Proper Heavy Metal you see, it's the most fun in music when it's done right, we know we're not cool or trendy or scene, and we don't bloody care, rock on girls, see you from the pit.

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