Thursday, August 13, 2009

Album Review : Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy****

For Fans Of : Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Pendulum, Revolting Cocks

The best Prodigy album yet ? As with Placebo, The Prodigy have been a band that manage a few really stunning tracks on each of their albums (Firestarter, Breath, Spitfire etc) but always seem to run out of enthusiam and energy and end up padding their long player's out with some rather obvious b-side material.

Invaders Must Die then gets off to a much better start than most of their output by stringing together six dance metal floor filling mosh pit whirling songs in a row, big bouncy beats coupled with hard and heavy rythyms drag you through the first half of the album in an ecstatic headrush. Omen, Colours, Thunder, Take Me To The Hospital and the title track are all bona fide Prodigy classics, they're infectious and rabble rousing, play them loud and you want to jump around and break stuff.

The album stumbles a little in the second half where most of the tracks seem a little duller, without quite the same manic and strident edge to them, only the emminently daft but still very likeable Piranha really stands out, Run with The Wolves and World's On Fire are a little tedious, and the closing piece Stand Up sounds like a bad action sci-fi movie closing credits piece.

Half the album then, completely stunning, the other half, sort of alright, but it for the first half then, seven awesome tracks from eleven is a decent return.

No matter how many pics of 'hard looking' rock bands or psuedo scary black metallers I see, I still think Keith Flint c.Firestarter is the most dangerous looking man in music. Look at those eyes, mad, mad I tell you.

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