Tuesday, July 07, 2009

WAR !!!

Yes, the Ashes are upon us. Tomorrow at Cardiff (but no bloody Headingly test you muppets!) we do battle with the enemy, the saggy greens.

Sadly the Ashes, as with all other forms of cricket, have sold themselves to Sky, and so we cannot see our national game on normal television, I also live in an area of very poor reception for long wave (and DAB doesn't exist in Ilkley, and might never arrive here). This means listening for updates on R5, having ceefax on the telly at work, and running upstairs to the house to catch repeats of wickets / centuries / stumpings etc.

Sorry to my American readers who are about to be baffled by two months worth of daily cricket musings, moaning about umpires and hawk-eye, and of course, either the sheer and utter desperation of defeat or large dollops of gloating, and I do hope it is the latter.

This really is THE event in cricket, for England and Australia fans anyway, it's Man U vs Liverpool, India vs Pakistan and The Lions vs South Africa all rolled into one. Like many England fans, I'm disappointed when we lose out at the World Cup, or T20, or lose an away test series to Sri Lanka, but everything will be forgiven and more if our lads can can beat Australia over the next few weeks. Playing and winning against the Windies or India is great, beating Australia is the thing though.

So come on lads, Strauss, Pieterson, Bopara, Broad, Swann and all, I'm not asking you to do your best, I want better than that, because Australia are always very good, and they would like nothing more than to come home from England with the trophy, let's send them home empty handed boys.


  1. Good to see Glen McGrath predict another 5-0 whitewash, like he did in '05.

    Just think you'll be able to watch all the day's play condensed into 45 mins on five, on the Mark Nicholas show. Of course that's when they're not showing ads, slow mos of players walking to and from the pavilion, shots of the crowd and needless replays or when Nicholas is preening himself in front of the camera.

    Can you get radio4/TMS on medium wave round your way?

  2. 4th test is at headingley sir-you can sometimes pick up tms on medium wave if you have the patience to look for it!

  3. Of course it is, buffoon that I am.

    What med wave frequency can you get R4 on ?

  4. you can sometimes get it on about 603 or 720mw, seems to depend on the weather though!

  5. Got it, slightly dull sounding and rather spotty now that here's a storm brewing.