Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I ate three very large slices of fresh cream chocolate cake, I don't think it is possible to eat too much cake.

Thanks to all my wonderful friends and lovely family who made it a great birthday even if I was shattered from the previous day's 18 hour shift.

Thanks to everyone for the wine and beer and whiskey, and for the money, which I spent today on a large heap of books (Meg hasn't noticed yet so everybody keep quiet !).

I love all the children, but Stephen and Natalie's gifts made me smile, then laugh out loud, then almost cry, thanks guys x x


  1. Paddy8:04 am

    Did you wait until your birthday to eat the white mice? If not I'll tell Kayleigh.

  2. Oh dear, I must admit I cheated and had one as soon as you'd left !

  3. Suspected you might. Leaving them with you, rather than Mrs YS, always runs that risk:-)