Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Pet Toad

Toady here frightened the wits out of Mrs YS and myself by rummaging around in the leaf debris in the passage outside our front door, I did think he was lost and so twice I have very gently picked him up and carried him to the other end of the car park and left him on the grass near the stream and woods, but he keeps coming back.

Last night he (or she, I have no idea about if there is any noticeable difference) was crouched under an upturned wooden crate in the work kitchen sheltered area, so I took a few pictures and then left him alone, he wandered away an hour or so later.


  1. Your pet Toad needs a name. Tracy for a girk, Terry for a boy, possibly. Although Mrs YS probably called it something else if it made her jump!

  2. Bufo Bufo, indeed!