Thursday, July 09, 2009

Moan, Whinge

I have just found out that my chef Phil is a foreigner, he's from Philistine. Mind you, he's also a Tyke glory hound who supports Man U, and who should therefore be birched outside the gates to Elland Road.

All through the first day's play of the Ashes I had a endure a rumbling of discontent and carping along the lines of "I could go home and watch paint dry instead".

I cannot understand why people would not like test cricket, unless you suffer from a very short attention span, as a sport, it is a marathon test of skill, endurance and concentration. Of course at times the game progresses at a slower pace, but there were nail biting moments a plenty yesterday, Pieterson's now traditional nervous and twitchy start, Bopara's even more nervous and twitchy start, Flintoff and Prior suddenly deciding they were playing 20-20 instead of a test, and some good bowling from the Aussies who had taken a fair amount of criticism for their attack in the press after Lee was injured.

That said, a lot of our batsmen lost their wickets to balls that were not all that challenging, Strauss, Cook, Bopara were all guilty of hanging the bat out to dry or having a half hearted poke at it. When KP lost his wicket, well what the bloody hell was he thinking ? He seemed to be going for the reverse sweep almost before the ball had left Hauritz's hand, an inch further and that ball would have been called wide.

Ponting must have been happy to have both Flintoff and Prior out before the end of the play and will be hoping to mop up the England tail in short order today. Anderson can be stubborn though, and broad can actually bat, Swann isn't likely to trouble the scorers much and you know what they say about Monty...

What's in Panesar's hand just before a wicket goes down ? A bat.

Let's hope they make another 50 runs though, and then hopefully the pitch will provide plenty for Swann and Monty to take advantage of.


  1. The Lurker9:32 am

    Early prediction from The Lurker...

    Broad, 28 runs. Swann 19 runs, Anderson 14 runs.

    Australia 268-4 close of play day 2.


  2. That's rather precise mate, I hope we get more wickets before they get to that total.

  3. The Lurker10:42 am

    Hmm, I was fairly close with the Ozzie score. Today will be a lot better for us lads...

    I'm going to go for Australia 521 all out, England 18-1 at close of play.

    Freddie might even bag himself 4 wickets!