Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I Did Not Watch Michael Jackson's Memorial

I would not have watched Diana's funeral given the choice, and after some deep thinking the other night I cannot think of a single person in the public eye whose funeral I would attend if I did not know them.

I'm not denying that Jackson was a brilliant performer, I quite like his music myself, but what possesses people to wail in the streets at the death of someone they have never met, no matter how many of his albums they might have bought ?

The overwhelming media coverage of every aspect of Jackson's death, and the same coverage of his memorial, and good grief, we still have the funeral to come, just demonstrates to me that we are becoming ever more obsessed with celebrity to the exclusion of events that are really important. I wonder how many young, and not so young, eligible voters registered for Michael Jackson concert tickets but couldn't be bothered to vote at the Euro Elections ?

People also seem to succumb to a form of mass hysteria when a famous person dies that leads them to believe that there must be some form of conspiracy, Diana couldn't have died in a car crash like mundane people do, Jackson must have been murdered by his doctor. People die, even famous people, and they die in the same ways that you and I might.

So he's dead, draw a line under it, get over it, you have your own lives to live, your own families to care for, your life isn't a pale reflection of somebody famous, and it is the only certain thing, none of us last forever.


  1. Squirt8:14 am

    Maybe people find solace in uniting together at upsetting events.
    I think YS is sooo old now, he forgets the time when we all as teenagers probably felt closer to our music idols than our parents. Their music spoke to us and we found a connection that helped us through those adolescent years.
    I did watch the memorial (albeit by accident, it was on at the gym!), To me it was just a family doing what every family does at a funeral, those that can bring themselves to speak do so, I thought his daughter was everso brave.
    I agree the wailing masses are odd, but each to their own.
    I shed a tear.