Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Book Review : The Truth Vibrations - David Icke*

David Icke, a fairly good looking lad, well educated and well spoken, a good news reader and sports presenter with a promising media career, suddenly began making prophecies of doom, worldwide tragedies and other weirder stuff, effectively ending his television career.

The Truth Vibrations was his first book, in which he attempts to describe his contact with the Godhead and the mental awakening it provided. Sadly though, Icke's visions are the most dreadful mishmash of every type of new age thing from chakra points to ley lines through healing crystals via spirit guides. I don't disagree with Icke's most basic points, that we should all be more open minded, nicer to our fellow man and more protective of the planet we live on, but his presentation of his views did leave me thinking that he had suffered some sort of mild nervous breakdown.

Icke went on to become a conspiracy theorist, and would later claim that aliens from the Draco constellation had taken over the British Royal family. His second interview on Wogan when he took apart poor old Terry's simple world view of 'well surely everyone knows what is going on in government' made for compulsive viewing and he put himself over very well, but when he mixes his theories about Bush looking for reasons to invade Iraq with all his other weird views it always serves to dilute and confuse his messages and often leaves him looking like a nutter.

I can't recommend The Truth Vibrations, for me it read like the diary of a mentally unstable person desperately searching for something to cling to and throwing himself at every new age philosophy and idea that came his way, sad really.


  1. Nutter? What? Can't you see it? The Lizards they're controlling us. You can't tell me Boxcar Willie wasn't a giant alien lizard creature that helped rule the world.

    And as for Al Gore, well he needs a thicker mask to hide those scales.

  2. DSP Andy5:27 pm

    Hmmmm lets hope he hasn't read 'Anonymous Rex' by Eric Garcia or he will be paranoid....

  3. My personal feeling about David Icke is that he had some genuine revelatory experiences - but that he couldn't handle their implications and they ended up just blowing his mind. As a result he went off the deep-end and lost all sense of proportion, balance and calm. At the core of what he talks about may be elements of truth - but he sees them through such an over-excited and non-discerning frame of reference that they lose all relevance and respect. So yes, I concur with the diagnosis of mild nervous breakdown. If he wasn't in the public eye, he might've had a chance to recover - but, as it is, he will continue to be surrounded by unbalanced people and will probably never reach any kind of wise perspective on what he's experienced. A decent man, I think - but he seems rather lost.