Friday, June 19, 2009

What Does My MP Think Her Wage Is For ?

Because out of my wages, which are rapidly falling in this banking led recession that the Prime Minister and the Labour Government have achieved exactly nothing in terms of lessening the effects of or shortening the duration of, I expect to pay for basic stuff like my mortgage, repairs to the house, travel costs, and food.

Food, we all get paid, well except for the 2.26 million people that are unemployed at the moment, time to dust off some old "Labour Isn't Working" posters perhaps ? We receive our wage, and then we go to the supermarket or corner shop and we buy food for ourselves and our families.

MP's don't though, they receive their quite huge wage, then they make large claims for their second homes which are bought at the taxpayer's expense for MP's to personally profit from, and then they claim for all sorts of things as well, food included.

My MP, Anne Cryer, makes the taxpayer fork out another £350 a month for food, exactly £350, not a penny more this month or a penny less last month, no receipts are required for food and so MP's stick on their claims form the maximum amount that they think thet can get away with. Why on earth though do I have to pay for the contents of my MP's fridge and larder ? If you're a factory worker you don't get an extra cheque in your weekly wage with a note from your boss saying "Treat yourself at Tesco".

The trouble with our MP's at the moment is that a culture has grown up in which they believe that they should have pay for absolutely nothing, your MP gets a minimum of £60,000 a year before they start the hard day to day slog of filling in expenses claims forms, which I happen to think is a pretty good wage, but MP's think that this money should pass untouched into their savings accounts without encountering the normal nuisances of shopping and bills along the way.

I agree that MP's need somewhere to live in London, but I do not see why they should be able to use taxpayer's money in order to turn a personal profit on it, but I cannot see any reason at all why I should filling Anne Cryer's kitchen cupboard.

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  1. Women make up just under 20% of MPs yet they seem to make up a far greater percentage of the ones really caught with their hands in the till.

    Funny that, but then it is just shopping with other peoples money ;¬)