Saturday, June 06, 2009

Still Alive

I'm still here, I've had a rather busy week at work, especially with young Phil being on holiday, but he's back now. I also had a bit of an accident earlier in the week when I fell down a hole, but I'm getting slowly better, thanks as always to my wonderful physio Candice.

The final upshot of the employment debacle was that we had to fire Sophie, and poor Rachel who had only been with us for a couple of weeks, three of the staff have had their hours slashed so that we comply fully with the law, but hats off to April, Amelia and Rob who have stepped up and are filling in as much as they can, cheers gang. I am just counting down now to the last weekend of this month when Harry, Georgie and Paula will have officially left school and can pick up some more shifts.

We have taken on a new waitress as well, welcome to the crew Saskia, and she didn't just get the job 'cos her Dad's a rock star, honest. (Dad has played for Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, The Cult, The Alarm, Spear Of Destiny).

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