Monday, June 22, 2009

Sports Fans Reeling After F1 Breakaway Shock

Many sports fans were yesterday distressed by the news from F1 that many of the sport's top teams might form their own racing league in order to challenge F1's control of motor racing. The breakaway league would feature many cash strapped manufacturers who are desperate for people to buy their flashy over-priced vehicles and would race on 8 circuits in the initial 2010 season.

"It's awful," said sport fan Ken Wibner. "Twice as many races, twice as many circuits, twice as much as nothing interesting happening bar the odd crash, I'll struggle to stay awake to be honest, and hasn't that Coulthard fella got a funny chin ?"

F1 supremo Max Moseley said yesterday "We are convinced that we can beat this breakaway league, and if we cannot beat them then we'll try whipping and lashing them."

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