Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rumours Of My Death....

....have been greatly exaggerated, I did manage to fall down a hole and hurt my back and knee, but nothing worse than that. What with staffing problems and trouble with my back earlier in the year, I have hardly been walking at all recently, my hiking boots are looking dusty and unloved in a dark corner of the cupboard under the stairs. Today though my knee felt good enough to try a short walk, roads rather than potentially troublesome moors, and so I took a stroll up the road to Calvary.

I don't know if Calvary is private, certainly the main retreat just down the road is, but there are no warning signs on the gate so I had a quiet stroll around.

It really is very peaceful up here, no cars to be heard, just the breeze in the trees, birds singing and the occasional rustling in the undergrowth of a rabbit or stealthy deer.

The outside of the shrine is covered with dozens of hand made wooden crosses, crafted from twigs and twine.

Inside are people's prayers, photographs of loved ones and candles. This is a lovely part of Ilkley, hidden away and secret, well off the well used track, but calming and beautiful.

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