Friday, June 19, 2009

MP's Pay Back £500,000

It isn't enough.

The argument here is plain and simple, if any of us in normal jobs, had found a way to fiddle large amounts of money from our employers, upon being caught we would expect to be sacked and prosecuted. Just because MP's created the rules that made it legally ok to steal this money does not make it morally correct.

In any other job, or in fraudulently claiming benefits, such cheats would have been been facing a criminal conviction.

Many MP's have behaved in a manner that would have been criminal had it happened if they worked in call centre, IT office or hotel, just paying back the money is not acceptable, and the sight of Labour Ministers waving cheques at the television cameras has been frankly sickening.

It is even more galling to discover that whether these cheats resign from Parliament or are defeated at the election, they will also receive a large settlement package, wahey lads, double brandies all round, and don't forget to put them down as expenses.

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  1. There is a campaign ambling around in the back waters of the net, to have all the ‘Fraudulent MP’ arrested. Unfortunately for exactly the reason you mention, that they set there own highly artistic rules, most of them will be able to sidestep any potential prosecution. One of the major impacts of their actions is an increase in voter apathy which in turn allows extremist factions into mainstream politics. After all there is some mileage in the sentiment ‘What’s the point in voting for any of them, they’re all the same’.

    It really is time for some serious changes. Jokes have been made in the past about The Revolution. It wouldn’t be much of a joke for the corrupt MP, police officers and civil servants, if there really was a revolution at the moment. We might find difficulty locating enough wall space to stand them all against. If there is such a thing as an immortal soul, Hell will be a bit more crowded in years to come.