Saturday, June 06, 2009

Labour Demolished in Council Elections

Nu-Labour, which older readers may just remember was once, a very long time ago when even Tony Blair told the truth, the political party of the working class, has recently transformed itself into into the party of lying, thieving, snouts in the trough scumbags, and has been rightly rewarded in the 34 council elections held on Thursday when the party lost 273 councillors and also lost control of 4 councils.

The Tories were the big winners, gaining 7 councils and 233 councillors, the Lib Dems fared badly, losing a small amount of councillors when they really should have been taking seats from Labour. Other parties gaining council seats on the day were the Greens, the various independent councillors and resident's associations, and sadly the flat earthers/we hate Europe party known as UKIP, and worryingly the BNP managed 3 seats, some on people, no matter how cleverly Nick Griffin speaks, it is still a vote for hate.

Nu-Labour will doubtless take another battering in the European Election which will hopefully hasten the General Election.

Strangely though, I feel a bit sorry for Gordon Brown (and also for many Labour traditionalists). When the revelations about Teflon Tony started to come thick and fast and it became apparent that we had tamely and stupidly followed the USA into a war based on lies and misinformation, I then thought that Blair was a wicked and deceitful man. I don't think the same of Gordon Brown, had an election been held earlier and David Cameron had been in charge over the past two years would he have fared any better in coping with the collapses in the banking and mortgage industries and the subsequent knock on effects for the manufacturing and service industries ? I'm not sure he would.

Of course Brown told us one thing, prudence prudence, whilst doing exactly the opposite, that is, spending like there was no tomorrow, and now that there is no tomorrow for vast swathes of our industry it is time to call that general election and elect someone else, slimy Dave Cameron probably.

Who remembers when this Labour government first swept into power, with their cries of "Tory sleaze" ? The expenses revelations do seem to dwarf the 'cash for questions' crisis that rocked the Conservatives at the time, there are so many more MP's caught up in it, and Brown has shillied and shallied, caught always in two minds, first condemning, then supporting, then wavering. We really can't have a ditherer running the country, come on Gordon, it's time for the turkey to vote for Christmas.

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