Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Book Review : Line War - Neal Asher*****

The fifth novel in Asher's ongoing series of the Polity and Agent Ian Cormac is possibly the best book he has written to date, a grand scale space opera, action packed from beginning to end.

The transformed AI Trafalgar/Erebus, altered beyond human knowledge by the insidious Jain technology, has come back to attack the Polity, a series of seemingly unconnected attacks kills millions across a dozen worlds, and the Polity fleet is at full stretch trying to understand and stop the attacks.

Line War features just about everything you could wish for in an action sci-fi novel, leviathan aliens with strange motives ? Yes, Dragon, or even two of him. Psychotic indestructible android ? Yes, Mr Brass is back. Unstoppable alien force ? Yes, Erebus and his biotech space fleets. Apocalyptic doomsday weapons ? Yes, the...oh, I'd better not give that away.

The shooting starts on page three and the sound of the last particle accelerator cannon doesn't die away until the last page some 550 pages later, it's a non stop breathless thrill ride underpinned by a good plot with a dark secret exposed towards the end of the book. Great stuff, more like this please Mr. Asher !


  1. Asher is one of my two favourite sci-fi authors and I have to agree with you that this is his best work to date. If all books were this good I'd get nowt else done but reading, so I guess it's as well that they're not!
    (By the way, I used to follow you at Yorkshiresoul.org but I see that you, like me, have moved to blogspot now).

  2. Hey, just saw this. Thanks!