Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vote Yorkshiresoul

I have decided that the only person really fit to govern the rest of you is me, and as such I will be putting myself forward at the next election with this single, simple pledge.....

"I promise to steal slightly less than the current MP's"

What do you think ? I reckon I'm on to a winning policy.

1 comment:

  1. Ok you’ve always seemed to be an honest sort of Yorkshire chap and you’re into the clean energy solution that is Nuclear.

    Perhaps you’d like to create a realistic manifesto for change – I’ve suggested boiling the existing MPs in hot tar, but that might be a little extremist, or not!

    Manifesto or no, you’d struggle to do any worst than the bunch of self serving tools who are presently spending our monies. So you’ve go my vote!

    Please president YS can we boil just one token New Labour MP, just for fun?