Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vote BNP

The BNP are the only party (so far) to pop a pamphlet through my letterbox for the European Parliamentary Elections on June 4th.

I really do worry that some people might and, and believe, the rubbish that the BNP print.......

"Our Key Pledges....Oppose the dangerous drive - backed by the other main parties - to give 80 million low-wage, Muslim Turks the right to swamp Britain."

Really ?! 80 million ? Low-wage ? By the laws of simple chance, at least some of the 80 million will have to settle close to Ilkley, and some of them will be over the age of 16 and will be seeking jobs, at low wages. At the moment, I can't really see a downside to this.

The BNP pamphlet has a picture of a doctor (he is though suspiciously well tanned, some might even say he has a hint of a Southern European look about him, I'm sure the tan is just from a well earned holiday and there isn't a hint of Greek / Spanish / EVIL FOREIGN JOB STEALING DOLE SCROUNGING SOLDIER HATING TERRORIST in his racial background), who is quoted as saying...

"I'm voting BNP because I see what immigration is doing to our NHS."

Presumably filling our hospitals with cleaners, nurses and doctors, because as soon as a doctor or dentist finishes his NHS tax payer sponsored training in the UK, he vanishes off into private practise as soon as he legally can. When times were good, everyone was quite happy to that nice Polish girl sweeping the aisles in Tesco, or mopping up blood and vomit from the hospital floor.

A soldier is pictured, and says "We're fed up with being sent ill-equipped into foreign wars. The BNP will bring our troops home and ensure that British soldiers are not abused on the streets of our cities by Muslims."

What can we make of that statement ? That roving packs of Muslims (with T-Shirts that say "I Am I Muslim" so that you can tell them apart from Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Train Spotters) patrol our cities looking for soldiers to abuse ?Tthat no other person of any religious persuasion than a Muslim would ever abuse a soldier ? That Muslims are strictly urban, and do not venture into villages and the countryside ?

Just above that picture is a BNP tag line that reads "Trafalgar - The Somme - Dunkirk - D-Day - The Falklands", well you know, nobody wants see our troops under equipped, but I would be cautious of putting Dunkirk and The Somme forward as examples of what our military has achieved in terms of being well equipped for the job.

Anyway, although I might scribble "None of the above are fit to govern me" across my ballot paper, I certainly won't be voting for the far right BNP. In fact, it really annoys me that they flag up D-Day in their leaflet in a misguided attempt to pump up a sense of national pride. The D-Day landings were a major part of a war to rid the world of far right political extremism.

In fact, although the BNP seem to promise a lot of nice sounding things, jobs for British workers, an end to banker's greed, protecting British industry from foreign competition etc. There isn't a hint anywhere in the literature of how they would achieve this, you really have to be rather naive to believe that even if they were elected, they could achieve any of their manifesto promises.

Lastly, as this is a European election, and the BNP pledge is to get the UK out of Europe, why are they campaigning to send MEP's to a parliament that they wish to withdraw from ?

Who to actually vote for then ? The Labour and Conservative parties seem to be almost entirely composed of liars and swindlers, the Lib-Dems don't seem much better and the Greens probably won't be running on the thing I would like to see most which is....

Build more nuclear power stations.

Why ? Because I quite like electric lighting in my house, I like the telly, and I enjoy my PC, so in a few years time when our demand exceeds our total national energy output, I don't want to be be sat around a candle in my darkened home unable to cook my dinner in my electric oven because the bloody Labour party has dithered around the energy problem ever since they took power.

waiting for the lights to go out,

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