Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quatermass ?

This was the extent of the pit on Saturday morning, after torrential rain on Friday had caused the sides of the pit to subside repeatedly, the lads shored the sides up and left it until Monday to let it dry out a bit.

But as you can see the thing just keeps getting bigger.

They are now building a big box thingy (sorry, I'm a bit wooly on technical building terminology) inside the pit to support the walls so that the new drain and manhole can be put in place.


  1. That YS, looks worrying like and bloody big hole, so it does! When the pints start sliding to one end of the bar, I suggest calling last orders and getting out, quick!

  2. ...this is Yorkshiresoul.....
    ....blogging from down the pit....
    ....can anybody hear me ?.....