Friday, May 29, 2009

The Lurker Unmasked

The Lurker, who, er, lurks on YS, got nearly the whole sports page of the Gusset to himself this week after a stylish knock of 84 n.o. grabbed all six points for Ilkley in their clash with Addingham.

There is a fine photograph of The Lurker on the sport's page, which seems to prove beyond reasonable doubt that his arms are made from rubber. Question for the Gusset sport's team, why when a bloke gets 84 runs do you show a photograph of him bowling ? I mean you might as well show a picture of him slumped asleep after three halves of lager shandy......


  1. The Lurker8:01 am

    I must admit I was also a little bemused when I opened the sports section and they had a picture of me bowling!!!

  2. Is there an inherent advantage to being left-handed either as a bowler or better in cricket?

  3. should say "batter" not "better"