Thursday, May 21, 2009

Labour Lies

Aha, what is this I spy ? The Labour Party has been brave enough to pop an election pamphlet in the post to me, addressed directly to me what's more. Well, if the standards of the BNP leaflet are a guide, then the photo of "Neil & Hazel from Leeds" on the Labour front cover will actually be a stock picture of "Alexi and Lucja from Plock", but cheap shots aside, what are (Nu- ?) Labour promising ?

Well, I can't actually find find the bit where they say that any elected MP's will rob us blind and claim for mortgages that don't exist, but MP's always did do things they promised not to.

"Labour MEP's fought for your right to 5 weeks paid holiday." Bastards. I have two full time employees, my chef and myself, my employee is now guaranteed 28 days paid holiday, I am lucky if I manage 15 days holiday in a year, and this is a situation that tens of thousands of small business owner operators now find themselves in. Although Labour thinks it is doing a fantastic job by giving employees more benefits, what they are also doing, especially in a recession, is putting full time jobs at risk as employers may well find it better to employ more part time staff on flexi hours than keep expensive full time staff on the books.

"Tackling climate change", with a nice picture of a windfarm. I think we all know now that wind energy is not going to stop the lights going out, we're all too nimby to have major wind farms on our doorsteps, and they just do not generate enough electricity, it's nukes we need folks.

"Warm Front" - an insulation scheme to help low income households insulate their homes, yes, this look like a good plan.

Quite a lot of the Labour pamphlet is dedicated to engendering paranoia about the Tories though, there seems to be more space dedicated to warning of the supposed cuts in spending and boosts for millionaires that the Cons would allegedly bring in than there is pointing out the benefits of having Labour MEP's. So the main message here seems to be "We're ok, but we couldn't find enough good stuff about ourselves to fill one side of A4, the Conservatives though they're really abd, read all about them."

"This year, basic rate taxpayers will recieve a £145 tax cut...we are giving people a little extra in their pockets" - Can anyone in the Labour Party explain to me what voting for Labour in the European Elections has to do with the Budget ? The European Parliament does not rule on UK Income Tax, so this is a total red herring. What are you planning on doing with your £2.79 a week anyway ? It probably won't even buy you a pint of lager in Ilkley's pubs.

Oh well, it's not packed with hideous anti-Muslim comments like the BNP leaflet was, but there isn't an awful lot in the Labour pamphlet that makes me want to give them my vote come June 4th.

Come on Cons and Libs, get yer leaflets out, let's see what you've got to offer. I presume the Green Party won't waste paper by sending out leaflets, but they do e-mail me, twice a week in the run up to the elections.

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  1. Squirt12:01 pm

    Got my con & lib leaflets last week... maybe they're heard of you!