Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The King Is Dead.....

All hail the mighty Pieterson Bopara, 118 not out on his test debut whilst the England big guns failed to fire, and in spectacular fashion in the ex Captain's case.

289-7, it's finely balanced at the end of the first day, and come the end of our innings we really do need our bowlers to perform well.

Over at Yorkshire, I feel so sorry for Vaughan, out for 16 on a wicket that even Joe Sayers found he could score some runs on, a very impressive 114 not out, perhaps a bit slow again but he is rather of the Boycott school of run accumulation.

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  1. The Lurker8:55 am

    I was at Lords yesterday Mick and it is an absolutely cracking venue. There is so much history to the place, you'd love it! Bopara looked very solid, but he didn't get much help from anyone else.
    Also saw Big Devon Malcolm after the game and he gave us a thunbs up!