Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Wouldn't Be So Sad

If England's batsman didn't keep flogging my bowlers to every part of the pitch. Yes, it's miserable Windies captain Chris Gayle, who reckons that test cricket is dying and that he doesn't honestly care much for the longer version of the game. Which has incidentally made him into a very well paid professional sportsman.

Gayle is shown here in happier times, celebrating the arrival of his IPL 20-20 contract.

Gayle - "(I) wouldn't be so sad if Test cricket died out"

Strauss - "I believe very strongly that Test cricket should continue to be the No 1 format of the game. It is the only game that really tests out your temperament, your technique, your hunger, your bravery. All those aspects make it a subtle game and a far better one than the other formats."

Which team do you think are most motivated by their captain ?

As I write, England have just reached 200-1 on the first day of the 2nd Test, after spanking the Windies inside 3 days of the 1st Test.

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  1. They're not doing Test cricket any favours with pitches like that one and those in the last series in the Windies.